Hello, my name is Zhuzhuna. I come from  Georgia. I've done a diploma in Economics in Tbilisi State University . Before starting my career I have decided to dedicate some time of my life to volunteering.  EVS for me means the opportunity of familiarizing with the foreign culture and learning it. The last six months I’m volunteering  in small Polish town Lebork which is located in the north. I have different kind of activities. But my main activity for now is teaching Russian. In my free time I am watching movies,  preparing materials for my classes, learning Polish, SLEEPING :D , traveling. After my EVS I would like to continue my studies. Good bye :P


Hello :) My name is Carlos Alberto and I am from Portugal. My idea is to come to Poland and to know the culture, language and the people and at the time improve my social and technical capacities. I am teaching Portuguese, Spanish and developing other activities like workshops, presentations etc. I hope to join us!


Hi, I’m Dorota, I was born in France. I am 21 years old and I arrived in Poland in September 2013. I wanted to volunteer because it is intended to promote goodness, I feel self-respect. Also, I can develop my skills and fun. I have some Polish roots, this is why I want to volunteer in Poland. Now, this is spring, I do bicycle, on winter I was going to the ice rink. Of course, watching online movies. My studies are in accounting fields. After EVS, I plan to do a bachelor degree. I’ve never worked before the EVS. It was the occasion to learn about the working work. My responsibilities are teaching French and playing with kids.